Ep 40: A Touch-and-Go Situation!! Kakashi vs. Orochimaru



Orochimaru says "I have no business with you but with the boy behind you." Kakashi asks why 'with Sasuke. Orochimary says "You're lucky, you already got what you want. You did at have that a long time ago that sharingan…"

Zaku attacks, smoke clears, Shino is back up, bugs crawling all over him from under his skin. Bugs come from behind Zaku. Shino explains Kikai bugs attack in groups and consume chakra. "If I attack you with this many you'll never be able to fight again." Shino says if Zaku attacks the bugs, Shino will attack him, and if he attacks Shino, the bugs will attack from behind.

Flashback: Young Zaku steals bread and runs into a dark alley and is cornered by 2 men who beat him up. Orochimaru appears. Zaku devours a loaf of bread in tears. He looks at his hand in anger. Orochimaru says to follow him and that he has potential (Zaku looks about 8 years old) and can become stronger. Another flashback to older Zaku training or on a mission, uses airholes in hand and blows a hole in the ground and takes out his opponent and thinks of Sasuke. He attacks Shino and the bugs with both arms, saying he keeps his trump card until the end.

Kakashi asks Orochimaru what is his purpose. Orochimaru says "the newly established Village of Sound is mine. You understand if I just say that." Kakashi says "it's a stupid ambition." Orochimaru "oh my that was blunt. In order to accomplish this ambition, I need pieces to become my legs and arms and accomplish things for me. Sasuke is a supreme piece. The ones taking the exam now are merely sacrifices."

Chakra leaks out from Zaku’s arms. The bugs blocked the air holes. Shino knocks Zaku out.

Kakashi starts his chidori as Orozhimaru approaches and says, "Even if you're one of the legendary Sannin, I can sacrifice my life to kill you." Orochimaru laughs at him. Kakashi asks what's so funny. Orochimaru says "what you say and do don't agree with each other…there's no point in using that seal. He has a heart that seeks power no matter how evil it is. He is an avenger and eventually he will seek me out. Also you said you would kill me. Try if you can." Orochimaru does something and Kakashi cannot move. He thinks "sacrifice my life to kill him? Am I mad?"

Zaku has holes in the middle of his arms. Hayate announces the match is over, winner Shino. Lee asks Neji who is he? Neji turns on his Byakuugan and says the bugs are not summoned bugs, but actually live in him. His clan lends the body as a nest to bugs upon birth and uses them to fight. They can control bugs with their minds and let bugs fight for them. Their chakra is given as food for the bugs. Kin asks Dosu about Zaku's arms. The bugs plugged up the airholes and when Zaku used Air slicer, the energy accumulated and expanded, seeking an exit. Dose says although their only relationship was the same mission, he will avenge him.

Kiba and Hinata say good job Shino, and he replies he expects them to do the same. Kiba gets mad at Shino acting like he’s the leader. Kakashi appears and Sakura asks about Sasuke. He is at the hospital with Anbu escorts. Next match is Tsurugi Misumi vs Kankurou. Baki thinks Kankurou is underestimating the enemy. Gaara thinks idiot. Misumi says he won't go easy on him just because he’s a kid, once he gets a hold on him, it's over. Kankurou takes off the bundle from his back says he will finish it quickly too.


Good tension between Kakashi and Orochimaru! Good but quick battle between Shino and Zaku, and Zaku gets his life defining moment.

Kakashi got his eye after Orochimaru left Kohona, probably about 10 years ago.

Interesting info about Shino’s clan’s use of bugs. Can’t see any outsiders marrying into that clan!